Personal Styling

Have you ever considered having someone by your side to let you know which kind of outfits will make you look the best version of yourself? Someone that will not only analyse your bodyshape, but also your style and, mainly, your lifestyle (your job, hobbies, time spent with the family, and everything else regarding your routine)?

These are the main functions of a personal stylist, professionals who give advice at the most personal level, analysing the client’s profile, getting to know their closet, suggesting the best outfits with the clothes they already have and helping purchasing new ones.

Personal stylists can help much more than just artists, politicians and people under the spotlight: anyone wishing to improve their personal image can and should consult a professional for guidance.

As a Personal Stylist, I like to get back to the basics of how each person dresses and chooses their clothes, therefore solving styling dilemmas, making everyday life easier and injecting confidence to your routine.

Successful stylists know clothes, but more importantly they know how their clients – they know what they really think and feel, and how they move and react. A stylist needs to know a client’s dreams and aspirations, her/his insecurities and attributes, and how to process that information to bring out the best in her/him. You have to do the same for yourself when creating your own look. – Rachel Zoe

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